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Efficiently Managing Invoices, Expenses, and Taxes

Keeping Track of Your Finances: Efficiently Managing Invoices, Expenses, and Taxes

Accounting made easy

One of the most crucial tasks for self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers is to have a firm grip on their finances. This means not only tracking income but also controlling expenses and managing taxes properly.

With Verwaldo, you can instantly gain an overview of paid or unpaid invoices, your expenses, taxes, and other useful data. Paid invoices are credited to your income in real-time, and you can effortlessly record all your expenses and filter them by categories. A CSV export feature allows for quick data export, making it easy to share your financial data with your accountant, for example.

In today's business world where time and accuracy are of utmost importance, efficient financial data management is invaluable. Let's take a closer look at why this is so relevant:

  1. Instant Invoice Overview: The key to financial control lies in understanding who you owe and what you can expect to receive. Viewing paid and unpaid invoices immediately provides you with the assurance of not missing payment deadlines and keeping your business cash flow smooth.

Invoice overview in Verwaldo

  1. Real-time Accounting: When invoices are paid, these transactions should flow directly into your accounting system. This ensures you have an accurate picture of your current income at all times. This is crucial for knowing how much money you genuinely have available.

Real time accounting feature

  1. Expense Control and Categorization: Tracking your expenses is as important as tracking your income. Swiftly recording expenses and categorizing them helps identify areas where you might be spending excessively and allows you to take cost-cutting measures. Additionally, you also have the option to filter expenses of individual employees. This allows you, for example, to see which employee has the highest expenses.

Sort your expenses in categories

  1. Data Export in the Right Format: Smooth communication with your accountant or tax consultant is essential. A CSV export allows you to convert your financial data into a format that most accounting software applications can use. This saves time and minimizes the risk of human errors.

Export your business data in a glance

  1. Collaboration with Professionals: Seamless data exchange with your accountant is critical for handling tax returns and other financial tasks accurately. The ability to quickly export and share data facilitates collaboration and ensures you don't miss important deadlines.

Overall, keeping an eye on your finances is crucial for running a successful business. This statement underscores the need to make financial management an integral part of your business. With Verwaldo, you have a clear overview of your invoices, income, and expenses, allowing you to steer your business in the right direction and ensure financial stability.

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